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Can Anyone Learn to Sing?

As a #singing #teacher, I am persistently asked – “can you teach anyone to sing”?

Technically, (unless for medical reasons) as a trained #singer, an experienced #vocalcoach and having developed my knowledge of #voice even further with studying voice #pedagogy at Masters level (the study of the art and science of voice instruction), the answer should be “yes”.

However, I truly believe that even the best singing teacher in the world, can only teach a #vocalist to improve, if they want too.

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You Have to Want to Learn.

As a vocal #practitioner, I can offer you my expert advice, demonstrate and offer you tips, tools and technique to support with the development of your singing voice. What I cannot do, is simply wave a #magicwand and have your voice sounding better instantly.

As a child, my neighbours would tell me that my singing was really good. They knew I was a #goodsinger because I grew up in a terraced house in Manchester and of course they could hear me practising, every single day. My point here is, I really do practice every day, I truly #lovetosing and the more I practised, the better I got.

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How Much Singing Practice Should I Do?

If you are a #singer, who wishes to #improve your #singingvoice, you have to practice regularly. Voice is a #muscle and like any muscle, whether you are lifting weights or training for a 10k, it needs to stay trained to remain maintained.

As a singing teacher, my response is – how much practice time do you need and what is your end goal? Are you training to become a professional musical theatre #westendsinger? Or perhaps a #rockstar touring the country in a #band. Maybe, you want to complete your singing grades for your own self-accomplishment or you just want to #SingForFun.

It’s #yourvoice, your goal, so you get to make the decision.

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I am a #modernsingingteacher who tailors lessons to suit the singing students’ needs and so fortunately, I do not have to force my students to practice. They walk into their #singinglesson with a big grin on their face and tell me that they have practised.

Vocally Yours Google Reviews and Testimonials.

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How Long Will It Take Me to Become a Good Singer?

It’s like anything in life, the more you #practice the better you will be at something whether you are a #natural at it or not. How could you get any worse by practising? I don’t know how to #knit, or play the #drums but I’m sure if I #practised, I would begin to learn and get better, eventually.

I truly believe anyone can learn to do anything they want to in life, to their potential if, they put their #heart and #soul into it.

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What Defines a Good Singer?

With that said, I appreciate you want an answer and from my experience, it can take #years to become what I perceive to be a #goodsinger. Then again that depends on the singer and their background.

What are we defining as a good singer? Someone who can sing in tune, sings with emotion, articulates well and has good #breathtechnique? Or someone who has achieved a #grade 8 in a #singingexam?

Due to the amount of training involved with #vocal #technique and considering the fact that each voice is unique and changes as we grow older, there are soo many factors to consider when determining how long it will take to become a better singer, that there is no one answer for all.

Singing Lessons with Vocally Yours

If you are looking for singing lessons and would like to discuss your voice in more detail, please contact me at - I offer online and face to face singing lessons for children, young people and adults at all levels of ability.

Lessons are tailored to suit you so you can set your own goals and timeline.

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